Book Now - “Heinrich” – BMW M3 Convertible. Seats 4.

BMW gave a hint of what was to come in the nineties when they brought out the first M3 in 1986, designed purely to win races and rallies – which it did in abundance. But it was a bit too hairy and delicate for big volume sales and only 16,000 cars were built over 7 years.

This homologation special was also not for those without a friendly mechanic – or a healthy bank balance! They pushed the 2 litre, 4 cylinder motor that first saw the light of day in the 2002 model from the sixties, to its limit. Its reliability is low and repair costs high.

But in 1992 they brought out an M3 version of the new E36 model. This had the fabulous 6 cylinder, 3 litre motor that was a lot more powerful than the homologation special but far more reliable and more driveable. This is the model that we have brought you, courtesy of Peter.

Peter has had this late nineties model almost since new. Its colour is Estoril Blue – named after the famous Portuguese race track. Unlike the new M3s, this model still has a hint of the earlier and hairier homologation special. The car is pure BMW in its build quality and attention to detail. The power hood being one of the first ones not to leak!

You will simply love driving this car! It is an Evolution 2 model with even more power and a six-speed, close ratio, manual gearbox which makes it a driver’s delight. Add in the superbly controllable handling that only rear wheel drive can truly deliver and you have one of the great cars of the last Century.

“Heinreich” is also a very stylish and practical wedding car. Hood down if fine weather. Hood up if it rains on your parade. Then why not keep him as the getaway car and for the honeymoon afterwards?

Average Duration: 10 hours 8 am to 6 pm

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You are collecting the car from the owner's home. As many of our owners work, pick up time is STRICTLY 8 am. Late arrival may result in the car not being available and no refund will be due.

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Hat and sunscreen!

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Should bad weather be forecast we may defer your booking to a later date.

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The hire fee includes fully comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance. The insurance excess is $5,000. This may be reduced for some vehicles. For more details please visit

Important – On collecting the vehicle, please ensure that you have sufficient funds on your credit card to cover the insurance excess you have chosen. We hold that amount against your card for the duration of the hire as a security deposit. If there are not sufficient funds, the hire cannot go ahead and no refund will be due.


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