Book Now - “Penelope” - 1968 Jaguar E-Type Convertible. Seats 2.

Since it was unveiled at the Geneva auto show in March 1961, the Jaguar E-Type has regularly topped lists of the most beautiful cars ever made. Enzo Ferrari agreed, as did the Museum of Modern Art in New York who placed a stunning opalescent blue model on permanent display in 1996.

It was not just a beautiful piece of art. It was also a masterful piece of engineering at least a decade ahead of its time for an (relatively) affordable sports car. Its straight six, twin overhead camshaft, triple carburetted engine was developed from their Le Mans winning C and D types from the fifties. Its double wishbone front suspension and fully independent rear suspension with inboard disc brakes was racing car technology in a comfortable, sports car and long distance tourer.

“Penelope” is made even more perfect with the recent addition of a Toyota Supra 5 Speed manual gearbox. The 4.2 litre motor, the longer wheelbase and the superb gearbox makes “Penelope” simply the ultimate sixties sports car. Incredibly powerful, great roadholding and a ‘snick-snick’ gearbox. Your only problem will be getting out of the driver’s seat at the end of the day. Though if using “Penelope” as a wedding car, hopefully not such a problem!

Average Duration: 10 hours 8 am to 6 pm

About Lane Cove (K) - 11 kms North of Sydney CBD

You are collecting the car from the owner's home. As many of our owners work, pick up time is strictly 8 am. Late arrival may result in the car not being available and no refund will be due.

Street address provided on confirmation,
Lane Cove North, NSW 2066

Dress Code

Hat and sunscreen!

Weather Information

Should bad weather be forecast we may defer your booking to a later date.

Other Information

The hire fee includes fully comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance. The insurance excess is $7,500. This may be reduced for some vehicles. For more details please visit

Important – On collecting the vehicle, please ensure that you have sufficient funds on your credit card to cover the insurance excess you have chosen. We hold that amount against your card for the duration of the hire as a security deposit. If there are not sufficient funds, the hire cannot go ahead and no refund will be due.


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