Book Now - “Rambo” – 1969 Cadillac Eldorado. Seats 6.

Big, bold and brassy “Rambo” is your classic American auto that burbles “I’m here. Look at me”. People do just stop and stare at such a magnificent car. A super, fun car big enough to take the whole family with more than a weekends worth of luggage and head off into the wide blue yonder.

Despite being the shortest of the Cadillac's, “Rambo” is still sight for sore eyes in the Aussie landscape. This resplendent and beautifully maintained car is a dream come true for the American car buff to take out for a drive. Maybe book the car and surprise your friends by picking them for a drive up the coast for lunch. Imagine cruising around the gentle bends of the Old Pacific Highway and up to Woy Woy for fish and chips on a lazy Sunday. Better still, with the massive boot for luggage, “Johnnie” makes for that extra special weekend away. Have a rockabilly themed day parking outside popular American restaurants around Sydney. Although a 2 door, there is seating up to 6 this grand car can fit even a wedding party with long doors giving easy access to the back seats. Maybe even have a rockabilly wedding theme. Anything goes limited only by your imagination. Have that satisfaction of watching others go green with envy as you have the time of your life. Go on. You know you want to!

So load up the family and all the luggage you could possibly imagine (it has an enormous boot) and go cruising and posing in one of the classic American autos of the sixties.

Average Duration: 10 hours 8 am to 6 pm

About Wahroonga - 25 kms North of Sydney CBD

You are collecting the car from the owner's home. As many of our owners work, pick up time is strictly 8 am. Late arrival may result in the car not being available and no refund will be due.

Street address provided on confirmation,
Wahroonga, NSW 2076

Weather Information

Should bad weather be forecast we may defer your booking to a later date.

Other Information

The hire fee includes fully comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance. The insurance excess is $5,000. This may be reduced for some vehicles. For more details please visit

Important – On collecting the vehicle, please ensure that you have sufficient funds on your credit card to cover the insurance excess you have chosen. We hold that amount against your card for the duration of the hire as a security deposit. If there are not sufficient funds, the hire cannot go ahead and no refund will be due.


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